What Do You Mean By Gun Customization?

Gun customization is a new trend that has taken the attention of gun owners. It entails upgrading and modifying parts of your gun for several reasons. Most of the people aim to increase reliability/performance, enhance the uniqueness of the firearm, and make it cooler, while others need to improve gun utility.

Have you been into a gun competition or hunting and seen altered guns? That’s a customized gun, and each shooter does alter his/her weapon according to his/her needs.  It’s all about making the firearm better and appealing to the shooter. Most of the firearms available in the market are customizable within certain limits. Also, you can customize your gun while you build it yourself or after you purchase a standard one from a gun store.

Is It Legal To Modify My Gun?

Gun customization is subject to law; hence there are legal regulations concerning this process. Gun owners apply different modifications since guns differ. Despite custom guns being legal, there are a few things that should have your attention, such as dos and don’ts, as highlighted by the law. However, the state laws and local regulations widely differ, unlike federal law.

The Gun Control Act of 1968 is responsible for regulating the firearm industry from manufacturing, selling, ownership, and even customization. From the above-stated document, it depicts that certain modifications on your firearm will automatically affect its legality. Illegal modifications have great consequences, including jail terms, additional fees, and losing your firearm to the authorities.

Is It Legal To Modify My Gun

What Are The Common But Legal Modifications A Gun Owner Should Consider While Doing Gun Customization?

  1. Cosmetic customs- it involves customizing the physical appearance of your gun by changing parts such as grips and adding wraps or engravings. Also, you may add other accessories, such as sights. It’s the most common from this list.
  2. Caliber conversion- it’s done by re-chambering and re-barreling your gun to a different caliber.
  3. Conversion of the Operation Mechanism- it’s an intricate process that needs professionals. For instance, converting a typical pistol into a rifle.
  4. Sporterizing- basically brings about modifying a military-grade weapon to suit personal use
  5. Enhancing accuracy

What are some of the illegal modifications that could get you in trouble?

  1. Modification of a firearm into a machine gun.
  2. Installation of butt stocks and foregrips on pistols
  3. Customization of your rifle with a barrel less than 16 inches and 18 inches in shotguns.
  4. Cutting down the overall length of your rifle or shotgun to less than 26 inches.

The above are some examples of modifications that are illegal and legal. It’suseful for anyone intending to do firearm customization to be conversant of what the local regulation and federal law stipulate.

Different Types of Guns and Gun Safety Measures

Today’s markets offer a variety of guns that features different designs. Guns fall under two broad categories, which are long guns and handguns. Long guns usually fire large-caliber rounds from longer barrels and include rifles and shotgun. On the other hand, handguns fire smaller caliber and use shorter barrels includes pistols and revolvers. Below is a deeper understanding of each gun from the above categories.



It’s usually fired with two hands and braced against the shoulder. The law requires the barrel of a rifle to be over 16 inches and has a rifling that helps spin and stabilizes the bullet. It fires only one projectile with each pull of the trigger.

Rifles are divided into two other categories, i.e., bolt action and semi-automatic guns.  For instance, AR-15s and AK-47s.



Just like rifles, they are fired with two hands while braced against the shoulder while firing once per pull of the trigger. The barrel is smooth, and the law requires the barrel to be over 18 inches.

Shotguns are further divided into 2, i.e., pump-action and semi-automatic. For instance, Remington Model 870 and Benelli M2.



Revolvers are handguns that contains a revolving cylinder in which rounds are loaded and short barrel. They allow the user to shoot multiple times without reloading.

The ATF defines the revolver as “a projectile weapon of the pistol type that has a breechloading chambered cylinder so arranged that the cocking of the hammer or movement of the trigger rotates it and brings the next cartridge in line with the barrel for firing.”

For instance, the Colt 1851 Army and Ruger Blackhawk.



ATF defines a pistol as “a weapon originally designed, made and intended to fire a projectile from one or more barrel when held in one hand.” Also, it has a chamber as an integral part of or permanently aligned with the bores. The stock is short and should be gripped by one hand at an angle and extending below the line of the bore.

For instance, the Glock 17 and the SIG Saur P320.

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Finest Gun Customizable

Nowadays, gun customization is a common trend many people are embracing. However, some guns tend to complement modifications and upgrades than others. Here is a list of the best customizable guns.

Glock 43

Glock 43

Its parts and accessories are readily available in the markets. Also, it can accommodate parts of other pistols, and it’s a reliable pistol. Among the common customs include grips, triggers, and sights.



The AR-15 is a versatile firearm that can accommodate modification almost in every part from the stock, rail system, triggers, muzzle devices, sights, charging handle, grips, etc. Also, you can add other accessories such as the back-up sights, extended bolt release, optics, etc.

Remington 870

Remington 870

Remington 870 can accommodate the modificationof parts and accessories. Among the possible customization include the flashlight, magazine follower & extension, sidesaddle, barrel, dot sights, and Non-MIM extractor, among others.

Colt 1911

Colt 1911

It’s another standard gun in the market, and their parts are readily available in the market. Among the common customs include engraving, night sights, grips, etc. It’s among the most customizable gun available in the markets.



The AK-47 is also a fully customizable gun available in the market. There are a lot of changes one can do on the AK-47 to enhance its uniqueness and functionality.

Customs trigger on an AK-47 increase accuracy of this rifle.

Grips are also very critical areas you should focus on to enhance the comfort and handling on your hands. Other modifications to include on an AK-47 include safety selector levers, optics, muzzle devices, and a custom rail system.

Why Should You Build Your Own Gun?

Building your own gun at home is legal and also an easy process. However, the Gun Control Act of 1968 also has some guidelines which touch on making firearms. In addition, parts to build guns are available in the market and are affordable. Why build your own gun? Here is justification for why you should build your own gun.

  1. One of the most significant advantages of building your own gun is getting precisely what you want compared to a manufacturer-stock gun purchased from a gun store. It’s an easy way to get all the features you may wish to. It enhances customization.
  2. You go off the books. While building your gun, you only need to buy the necessary parts, even from online stores, and they are delivered right on your door. This is contrary to purchasing a full gun where you have to go through background checks, and your details are included in the legal books.
  3. Building your gun gives you experience on how to assemble your gun and disassemble it, i.e., you gain a deeper understanding of your own firearm. It’s an added advantage while you will be cleaning and maintaining your firearm since you will be familiar with most parts of the gun.
  4. Apart from customizing your gun with parts and accessories of your choice, you have the chance to install quality parts and accessories. It will save you unnecessary maintenance costs in the future.

Gun Customization – How Do You Do It?

Despite gun customization being a popular thing among gun enthusiasts, it requires a lot of creativity and consideration of some factors. Gun customization is not only about changing the physical appearance of the weapon, but it also aims to enhance the performance of the weapon. Doing your gun customization will be affected by a number of things that include:

  1. The purpose of the gun after customization. For instance, customs for the gun competition are different from those of home defense purposes or hunting activities.
  2. The legality of the intended customs as limited by state regulations and federal law. Be familiar with “what you can and what you cannot.”
  3. The cost of customization. Before you decide to customize your gun, you ought to have a specific budget you intend to spend for all the parts, accessories, and services you may need from professional gunsmiths.
  4. The time frame for the customization process. Time is a critical factor to consider, especially if it’s a professional working for you.
  5. Availability of custom parts and accessories for that particular gun you intend to customize. Some guns may limit you from doing certain customs if its aftermarket parts are not readily available before you embark on firearm customization.

Let’s look at how you can customize different types of guns in the hands of a significant number of citizens. It entails some common customs and ideas essential during customization of rifles, handguns, and rifles.


Shotguns are also a customizable platform whereby you can implement some of your ideas and creativity. How do you customize your shotgun?

Shotguns have very high recoil, but you can counter the effect by installing aftermarket recoil absorbing stocks. You can also do spring action work to make such a gun more friendly while shooting.

Just like other guns, you should never leave out triggers to enhance the efficiency of your shotgun. You will enjoy a smoother experience while firing.

An extended mag tube is essential in increasing the capacity of your shells. It is of significance in a defensive situation.

Shotguns take a breaching barrel that is vital in stabilization when firing breaching rounds.Also, customs sights a shotgun work better than the stock ones. You can always improve on how you acquire targets while you hunt.

Custom finishes on shotguns are prevalent. Some professionals can do finishes very well at a fee. You may also opt for wraps since they work well. Finishes and wraps protect and preserve your gun appearance.


Handguns are also highly customizable despite the stock ones coming as reliable and well-designed firearms. You can work on a few things to improve the efficiency and uniqueness. How do you customize your handgun?

When you think of modifying your pistol, grips should be one of the focus areas. The market offers custom grips that are suitable for each user and are also comfortable. Also, they help achieve accuracy while shooting.

Custom engraving is common on handguns and takes its attractiveness to the next level. Also, you may get a professional to do wrapping on your handgun. Adding a hard-coating is also a good thing to counter abuse, especially for concealed carry handguns.

You can always enhance how you acquire targets by changing the sights of your handgun.

Just like rifles, triggers are critical parts to enhance in a handgun. You can install aftermarket triggers that are lighter and smoother while shooting.

You can always mount a light to help you navigate through at night and dark environments.


Rifles are very common, and a large number of civilians own them.  Good examples are the popular AR-15s and AK-47s.  Their aftermarket parts and accessories are readily available in the market; hence there is no hassle when you want to customize your gun. How do you customize your rifle? Below are common ideas for customization.

Aftermarket stocks work well on a rifle and according to your need. Stocks have different designs that will suit each user’s rifle. The right stocks are essential for achieving accuracy.

You can also upgrade the handguard to counter heat generated from the barrel while firing. It also allows adding a rail system whereby you can add other accessories such as foregrips, lights, lasers, etc.

An upgrade on triggers will enhance your accuracy on a rifle. Aftermarkets triggers are affordable and work very well. You also need comfortable grips to help you pull the trigger smoothly. Custom grips are made of different textures and designs; hence, everyone has a piece that suits them.

Among other accessories to add on a rifle include muzzle devices, optics, slings, etc.